Istanbul Apparel Exporters' Association (İHKİB) 

Technical Specification of PR Service Procurement for Fashion Week Istanbul


1.1. Scope of the Specification

This bidding specification covers the procedures and requirements related to the bids to be submitted for the PR Service Procurement for Fashion Week Istanbul that is planned to be digitally organized on March 15-18 2022, by the İstanbul Apparel Exporters' Association which is operating under the General Secretariat of Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters' Association.

ADMINISTRATION: İstanbul Apparel Exporters' Association (hereinafter referred to as "İHKİB").

BIDDER: The Bidding Company.

1.2. General Information about Fashion Week Istanbul

Fashion Week Istanbul showcases the best of Turkey's design talent to the international fashion community. FWI is a season-less and gender-neutral event that runs twice a year. FWI is Turkey's most important fashion event that celebrates creativity and culture.

1.3. General Information about Contracting Authority

Exporters' Associations are the organizations that are operating in various sectors in various provinces of Turkey since 1937 with a view to increase, support and coordinate the exports and thus contribute to the economic development. There are 61 exporters' associations operating in 24 different sectors/sub-sectors in Turkey. Exporters' associations contribute to the development of commercial capacities of member firms. They also perform many functions for this general purpose. These functions are outlined in the Law and Regulations.

The associations operating nationwide are organized in the form of 13 general secretariats. İTKİB is one of them and it has four associations within its body. These are as follows:

  • İstanbul Apparel Exporters' Association
  • İstanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters' Association
  • İstanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters' Association
  • İstanbul Carpet Exporters' Association.


Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association-İHKİB

İstanbul Apparel Exporters' Association (IHKIB) is one of the most important associations of apparel sectors, which leads Turkey's export established in 1986.

2.         SCOPE OF WORK

Influencer Marketing Services of Fashion Week Istanbul

  • Devising a macro influencer and micro influencer digital communication plan between 11-21 March 2022, the plan will be submitted until 31.01.2021
  • Target countries and cities for media outreach: to be chosen among these cities France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Russia, United States, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan, China



  • The purchasing process shall be carried out in accordance with the legislation of TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) and Exporters' Associations.
  • Bids must be submitted excluding VAT.
  • The bids shall be sent via e-mail to the designated e-mail address of the Contracting Authority at the latest on 31.01.2021.
  • Any tax arising from the contract shall be borne the BIDDER.
  • The BIDDER shall not transfer the work to any other party.
  • Except for force majeure in the relevant legislation, the bidding company will make all kinds of notifications and applications required by the constructional work to the authorities specified in the relevant legislation within a maximum of 15 days and inform İHKİB after the bid is approved and the contract is signed.

Content of Bid:

  • Bid Form (see. Annex-1).
  • This technical specification, with each page signed and sealed by authorized signatory of the company,
  • Example Works and List of References.
  • Duration of Work and Project Plan.



For administrative issues: Mr. Ünal Türlüdür


For technical issues: Miss. Özden Hantal.



  • The evaluation results shall be notified to the BIDDERS in writing.
  • The bids shall be evaluated by a commission consisting of the Board of Directors of İHKİB and the General Secretariat.
  • In the evaluation, the reasonable price and the service quality provided by the bidding company in similar works shall be taken into account.
  • The BIDDERS agree and undertake that they shall not have any compensation and other claim rights it they are not awarded the contract for their bids as a result of the evaluation. 


  • İHKİB has the right not to make the tender if deemed necessary.
  • In case İHKİB cancels the tender for any reason whatsoever, the BIDDERS agree and undertake that they shall not have any compensation and other claim rights irrespective of the name under which it is claimed.


The İstanbul Arbitration Center is authorized to settle any disputes arising out of this specification. The Turkish law and arbitration rules of the İstanbul Arbitration Center shall apply to such disputes.





Contract Title             : Technical Specification of Global PR Service Procurement for Fashion Week Istanbul 2021

                              Bidder's Name            : … …






Influencer Marketing Plan for the FWI 2022

Agency Fee: %10


The following conditions shall apply to the bids:

  • The bids must be valid until 31.01.2021.

I hereby declare that I agree to participate in the foregoing service procurement.



Name / Surname / Signature of Authorized Person

Bidder's Stamp