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Turkish Shirt Exporters' Cluster
Invitation to Tender for Shirt Trends and Changing Purchasing Habits Seminar
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Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (IHKIB) is one of the most important associations of the Turkish apparel sector, which is itself one of the leading industrial sectors in Turkey. That was founded in 1986, is one of the four exporters associations under the General Secretariat of Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association (ITKIB). The Association, which has 9.425 members comprising 75% of Turkey's total apparel exports amounting to some US dollars 17 billion annually, plays a central role in the apparel industry as a whole.

The first goal of IHKIB is to enhance its exporters' competitive advantages and find opportunities through which member companies can develop new B2B relationships and establish effective communication for business purposes. Istanbul Ready-Made Garment Exporters' Association is one of the leading organizations in Turkey with longtime experience in both nationally and internationally funded projects with proven success and acknowledged outputs.

IHKIB is currently carrying out Turkish Shirt Exporters' Cluster Project with 23 shirt manufacturers (SMEs). The main goal of the cluster is to “support cluster companies in the face of global economic challenges through enhancing business and institutional collaboration and networking for territorial innovation and competitiveness” as set by Ministry of Economy of Turkey. Turkish Shirt Exporters' Cluster is formed as a result of the project called “Improving International Competitiveness of Turkish Shirt Sector (URGE)”. This cluster based project is coordinated by IHKIB and funded by Ministry of Economy in Turkey with a vision to mobilize local dynamics to reinforce Turkish SMEs' sustainability on international trading environment.


In our cluster, most commonly manufactured items are men shirts. Followingly, women shirts, suits and jacket can be ranged.


Turkish Shirt Exporters' Cluster aims to carry out several actions and activities in the field of mutual learning (training and consultancy), international marketing activities and trade missions in order to prepare companies for international competition and for improving their export and innovation skills. 


It is important for apparel and clothing companies to offer latest trends to customer considering the fast consumption in the industry. Products manufactured in line with new trends provide great competitive advantage for apparel and clothing companies. With the aim of providing access for shirt manufacturer companies to the latest trends, innovative applications and technological developments, “Shirt Trends and Changing Purchasing Habits Seminar” will be organized in Istanbul within the framework of the project.


The seminar aims at supporting shirt manufacturers to know the latest shirt sector trends (including fabric, color, embroidery, pattern, styling), technics, innovative packaging and collection exhibition methods, customer purchasing behaviors and the evaluation of trends considering brands that make shirt purchases.




The seminar is expected to cover the following subtitles:


-          The seminar will cover men and women fabric, color and pattern trends in shirt

(SS18 - AW18/19- SS19 seasons)

-          Next season shirt trends/styles/fits analyzes based on fashion brands and catwalks

-          Purchasing habits and tastes of generation Y and Z

-          Shirt customization trends and its global applications

-          The strategies for following trends on a regular basis

-          It is expected that supplier info will be enshrined on the online moodboards. The boards will be demonstrating the following:

o   Colors, fabrics, themes,

o   patterns, accessories and concepts etc.

-          Interactive questions/answers session


Place: İstanbul / Turkey

Date: 07 February 2018



Interested parties are kindly requested to submit following documents to IHKIB via e-mail or post until 17th of January 2018.

E-mail: abprojesubesi@itkib.org.tr ; buket.tilki@itkib.org.tr


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Shirt Trends and Changing Purchasing Habits Seminar



 7 February 2018


Note: Proposals will be submitted including VAT and any other taxes. In signing this form, the tenderer accepts in full and without restriction the special and general conditions defined in the attached Turkish Terms of Reference for Middle East Buyers Mission.


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